Lot of people are placing their classified Ads in the news papers. Now a days people are also displaying their Ads on web sites. Both advertising methods have their own limitations. Print media is too costly and localised as compared to internet marketing. Web advertising is even available free. But, Ads displayed on web sites are not easily traceable.

If people can retrieve extra details of any Ad on their mobiles, Android or PC while reading a news paper classified, it will give a great advantage to the advertisers.

If you advertise at any news paper or other print media and display your similar Ad here, people can immediately view more details of your Ad on their Desktop PC, Tablets or other High-end mobile devices. You can show your readers  images, movies or engage them with email-chat.

Sample news paper Ads:

Urgently required graphic designer with sufficient experience in flash and animation. finddetail.com/99342

Boy wanted for Veg, Brahmin 27 / 5' 6" PG MED 1st Year. Caste no bar. M: 9811100111 or finddetail.com/5673211


Boy wanted for Veg, Brahmin 27 / 5' 6" PG MED 1st Year. Caste no bar. Ring or View  finddetail/9811100111

( Here Mobile No. is used as this site's Ad No.)

  Assign a friendly name to your Registration Name or any Reg. No.  
  This will help you create easy to remember or some meaningful links for your Ad.  
  If  ( www.finddetail.com/171120169 ) is your Ad link, you can assign any new name or No to ( 171120169 )  
  Example: FindDetail.com/444  www.FindDetail.com/ThisHouseForSale  FindDetail.com/Circular39 etc.  
  When you have created your Classified Ad, you may need a Leaflet Ad.  
  These mini Ads can be pasted at the back glass screen of your vehicle for maximum exposure or at the location related to Ad. For example, if some one is selling a house, a mini leaflet similar to the one sown below will help a person to provide complete details so that only serious clients will ring up for further negotiations. 



This house is for sale






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